3DMark DirectX 11 Fire Strike Trailer

3DMark Fire Strike is a real-time DirectX 11 benchmark test for high-performance gaming PCs
Futuremark today released a new video for the next version of 3DMark, which designed for measuring the gaming performance of everything from tablets and notebooks to high-end desktop gaming system. Fire Strike is a new test which uses techniques that are extremely demanding on today's hardware, but which are likely to become commonplace in PC games in two to three years time. The 3DMark Fire Strike trailer shows a short segment taken from the Fire Strike demo using the Extreme preset and rendered natively at 2560x1440 resolution.
Some of the techniques used include tessellation, dynamic particle illumination and shadowing, smoke simulation using grid-based fluid dynamics, volume ray casting with shadows and a wide variety of post processing effects including depth of field, blooms, distortions and various lens effects.

3DMark on PC
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