EVE Online: Retribution Launched and Trailer

Massively popular sci-fi game releases 18th free expansion
CCP Games has announced that EVE Online: Retribution, the 18th free expansion for its sci-fi massively multiplayer online game, is available now, free-of-charge for EVE Online players. A unique bounty hunting system allows players to exert pressure on adversaries at the Alliance, Corporation and individual levels and a new ability to openly sell kill rights means a lot more eye-for-an-eye justice will be had. A reworked "Crimewatch" system makes clear the outcomes of acts both legal and illegal while still leaving limitless choice up to the player who decides to commit them.
In a massive rebalancing effort, every frigate, destroyer and cruiser in EVE have been re-engineered to provide more gameplay options for new players and veterans alike, revitalizing some of the less frequently used hulls. A new trailer is now locally mirrored.