Sound Shapes New DLC Packs Released and Trailer

With Curved Terrain Pack you can bend, stretch and shape curves to add smooth surfaces to accompany smooth beat
Releasing a new video, Queasy Games has announced that three new Sound Packs and a Curved Terrain Pack for Sound Shapes are now available via PlayStation Store along with the new in-game Sound Shapes Music Shop. The three new downloadable Sound Packs are priced $0.99 each and the Curved Terrain Pack is free. Each Sound Pack features five new instruments, Beat School levels and Trophies.
In related news, as a way to spotlight the best of the more than 15,000 amazing user-created levels, a curated album component will debut later this month as part of the community redesign in a section called the Community Milkcrate. Visitors to the The Milkcrate will be able to flip through albums of levels curated around themes and enjoy the exact experience that fits their mood.