Elemental: Fallen Enchantress DLC Released and Screens

Requires the base game Fallen Enchantress in order to play
Along with these six screenshots, Stardock Entertainment announced the release of a map pack for Elemental: Fallen Enchantress adding more variety to the generated random maps. In introduces new challenges, dangerous threats and worlds to explore:

  • Clash - Play against a single opponent on a balanced map, or discover a ship and explore the nearby islands.

  • Crucible - Four opponents with a common area between their starting positions, can you hold the center and take out your enemies?

  • Dust Bowl - A dangerous map with few fertile positions. But the land isn't empty, hordes of monsters have claimed it.

  • The Wildlands - 10 Wildlands on one map. Can any empire rise in a world ruled by monsters?

  • Anthys - Play across the entire world of Elemental on this map that is over twice the size as the largest maps in Fallen Enchantress.