Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 and Rapala Pro Bass Fishing Released for Wii U

Experience the best nature has to offer on both land and water
Taking full advantage of Nintendo's latest console, the Wii U versions of Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 and Rapala Pro Bass Fishing are now available for $49.99 and $39.99 respectively, Activision Publishing announced. In Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013, you will encounter the world's fiercest predators in this brand new hunting experience. You must remain alert as the all-new, advanced Prowler AI system makes for harder and smarter animal targets that have the ability to form pack hierarchies, coordinate complex group tactics and take advantage of the surroundings to set up deadly ambushes. In the new multiplayer Maneater Mode, you can combine your TV screen and Wii Remote with the Wii U Gamepad and invite a friend to join you on your hunt as you face oncoming waves of deadly marauders.
Using the latest top-of-the-line fishing gear, in Rapala Pro Bass Fishing you will assemble a master combination of rods and tackle boxes to catch the biggest fish in legendary freshwater lake environments across North America. Gamers can pilot their boat, cast their lines, reel in each catch, and access their fishing gear directly off the Wii U display screen. You can go fishing with a friend with easy, swap-and-go displays between the Wii U Gamepad and Wii Remote and Nunchuck controllers.