Ragnarok Odyssey and Dokuro Coming to Europe and Screens

Action RPG and puzzle platform hybrid will be available exclusively for PlayStation Vita as a digital downloads on the PlayStation Store
GungHo Online Entertainment America confirmed today that the action RPG hack and slash title Ragnarok Odyssey the creative puzzle platform title Dokuro will launch this winter in Europe for PlayStation Vita. Both games will be available exclusively as digital downloads on the PlayStation Store.
At its core an expansive, quest-based RPG, Ragnarok Odyssey expands upon the source material of the Ragnarok Online universe and adds an action-packed twist. Famed Lunar and Grandia series developer Game Arts focused specifically on creating a gameplay experience that is equally rewarding as a single player or multiplayer game thanks to an easily changeable job class system and ad-hoc and online cooperative play with friends.
Dokuro is an offbeat mix of puzzle and side scrolling platform gameplay. The result is an entirely unique action puzzle game that fully utilizes the PlayStation Vita systemís Touchscreen and Rear Touch Pad to enable players to transform the game's protagonist between two different forms - each of which feature unique and advantageous skills - as well as manipulate the gameís environment in order to solve puzzles.
Several screenshots from both Ragnarok Odyssey and Dokuro can be found screenshots and respectively screenshots.