Dino Storm Open Beta Launched

Saddle up your dinosaur and join hundreds of players on your ride through Dinoville, facing herds of dinosaurs and outlaws in countless quests
Splitscreen Studios today announced the start of the open beta test for Dino Storm, a browser-based real-time MMO that provides an unusual mix of sci-fi adventure and spaghetti western. As members of the Rangers, Dino Storm players hunt down the fiendish scoundrels who are wreaking havoc in the western town of DinoVille. Theft, arson, and robbery have become daily occurrences in this idyllic little settlement surrounded by desert.
But instead of horses or donkeys, the modern-day bounty hunters use trained dinosaurs as their mounts - including the gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex, the largest land-dwelling carnivore amongst primordial lizards. Equipped with powerful laser weapons, humans and dinosaurs form an invincible union in the battle against evil.