A Game of Dwarves Star Dwarves DLC Released and Screens

New content allows bearded burrowers to reach deep space
Along with these screenshots, Paradox Interactive announced the launch of Star Dwarves, a new DLC (downloadable content) for A Game of Dwarves that enables the game's titular miners to spruce up their mines with all the trappings of deep space, adding a wealth of new sci-fi furnishings and tools to their lairs. Of course, a terrifying space monster or two have also come along for the ride, but thatís a small price to pay for having your very own cryosleep bed to spruce up the old mineshaft.
Developed by Zeal Game Studio, Star Dwarves adds new props, new enemy, and new dwarves, from sci-fi-inspired generators, holographic statues, and spiffy captain's chairs to untold horrors like the Beardprober - a monster who studies beards in the worst way imaginable. The dwarves can combat these invaders with new military classes, including the rifle-toting Redshirt, and the Knight, a melee fighter who relies on training he acquired a long time ago in some place far, far away.