SuperPower 2 Trailer #3

DreamCatcher Games has released a 1:41 mins long trailer for SuperPower 2, showcasing this strategy game in the works at Golem Labs and scheduled to ship on October 6th, this year. SuperPower 2 will be released in Europe by Mindscape (story). Local Download:
  • SuperPower 2 Trailer #3 (58.5 MB)
  • Like its predecessor, SuperPower 2 is a global geopolitical simulation game built around the following four aspects: political, economic, military and social. It is controlled by the EHE (Evolutive Human Emulator), the artificial intelligence engine developed by GolemLabs. Players set their own objectives and try to achieve them within a set time. For example, a player might decide to balance resources, hunt rebels or conquer the world. The computer controls the other countries which have their own objectives. When objectives come into conflict or are similar, the player must manage these relationships and form alliances or go to war. However, compared to the original game, SuperPower 2 has been improved generally, in both the gameplay and graphics (can be played in real-time or turn-base mode, 3D graphics added). Also, SuperPower 2 features three major innovations: multiplayer games, characters and mods. Multiplayer The first great innovation in SuperPower 2 is the inclusion of support for multiplayer games. With this option, several players can link up, on a local network or via the Internet, and play together. Each represents one entity and the EHE controls the rest. Characters The second major change is that now a player does not represent a country but a character. This character has a well-defined role in the world, based on the game's four themes (political, military, economic and social). When playing this character, the player does essentially the same things as before but they are much more personalized. A player who is only interested in the military aspect might play a general, sent by the country's president on a variety of missions. A politician character has the same range of control as with SuperPower I. Mods SuperPower 2 will be sold with two start-up mods, the original (SP2) and a new mod still to be determined. The new mod will be used to demonstrate the engine's capacities in order to encourage people to create mods for SuperPower 2, which should boost interest in the game. To do this, the tools that fans need to create mods will be released shortly after the game is launched. Expected release date : Q4 2004