Frozen Hearth Christmas Map Coming Next Week

Frozen Hearth special Christmas content arrives on 20th December
Immanitas Entertainment today announced that a special Christmas themed map and game mode will be added to Frozen Hearth, the indie RTS developed by Epiphany Games. In Capture the Present, it's all about getting into the swing of things with extensive snowball fights and getting your hands on those Christmas presents.
The specially created Christmas map in the form of a giant snowflake offers two to four players the ability to play in teams or deathmatch mode. The aim of the game is to fight for and secure the sought-after presents and then bring them back to your base, a festively decorated Christmas tree. The presents appear randomly on the map and once a present is in the possession of a player, itís all about keeping the opponents grubby hands off the present and bringing it back to the base safely.
The number of presents required to win a round of "Capture the Present" can be defined in the game setup. Beyond their own avatar the players also control a squad of four NPCs that spawn at their base. The weapon of choice is the snowball - after 30 seconds the players also have access to a special nasty attack, called the rockball, which renders a unit immobilized for 1.5 seconds.