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The official Khan The Absolute Power website has now a new face lift, offering screenshots, movies and info about this Korean MMORPG developed by Mirinae Entertainment, unveiled in May last year (story). The game will be released in Europe in the near future and will be showcased at ECTS 2004, an event which will take place at Earls Courts, September 1-3 (story).
Khan gets face lift Mirinae Entertainment would like to announce that Koreas best known Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Khan the Absolute Power English web site has just had a face lift. Now you can have quick and easy access to all the information you require. Besides the usual information such as news and game information, you now can get a wealth of background facts on maps you are playing and the characters waiting for you to appear in their domains; such as Forest Giant - a one-legged monster living in the deep forest, it used to protect human beings to get some money, but now threatens people with the power of Evil; and Desert Spear - a slave soldier who leads other deserters under the command of Evil. Both of these dwell within Kharakorum which was the capital of Inner Mongolia during the Genghis Khan period. Karakorum was the international city where many ambassadors, evangelists and merchants gathered from all over Eurasia. If Silk Road has Xian, Steppe road has Karakorum. So, now you know what evil is waiting for you, but this question remains; what are the strengths and weaknesses of my character and who is available to play? You can choose: Micko the High Spirit from Kamaku, on the outskirts of the Asian pacific or Leigh who was born under the spells of incantation, enchantment of black art and spells. She possesses inclination of powers, passed down from her ancestors. There is also a new updated Multimedia section with Avis, screens shots and a gallery. So, if you want to get the low down on what evil will be waiting for you when you can finally play the English version; log on, get informed and survive as only the ignored die. Finally if you want to play Korea’s best known Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Khan the Absolute Power. Developed by Mirinae Entertainment, Khan makes its début at this year’s ECTS 2004 taking place at Earls Courts September 1 - 3. About Mirinae Entertainment Mirinae Entertainment is a venture company that transformed into a professional online game development company in 2001. Within a few years, it has earned itself a reputation as one of the leading global on-line PC games publishers. Get immersed into ultimate conquest with Khan.

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