Fighting Vipers, Sonic the Fighters, and Virtua Fighter 2 Available via Digital Download/Trailer

Classic SEGA AM2 fighting games arrive to today's consoles
Fighting Vipers, Sonic the Fighters, and Virtua Fighter 2, a trio of cult-classic arcade fighting games, all developed by SEGA AM2, are available now for digital download via PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade, with support for full online multiplayer and achievements/trophies, SEGA announced.
In 1994, Virtua Fighter 2 followed in the footsteps of its hit predecessor by bringing 3D graphics and fighting gameplay to arcades. Fighting Vipers came to arcades and the SEGA Saturn the following year, in 1996, adding a new concept that was a fighting game first: destructible armor. Players could maximize their damage dealt by destroying an opponent's protective gear, and could then finish the round by punching or kicking the other player right through the arena's walls. Finally, Sonic the Fighters's arrival in arcades in 1996 offered players a first-ever opportunity to take to the ring with characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, including Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose. Players had to battle their way through eight stages to collect chaos emeralds and once again thwart the evil plans of Dr. Robotnik and Metal Sonic.
A video presenting these three games is now locally mirrored.