Crusader Kings II: The Republic Video Dev Diary and Screens

Expand your trade empire as you compete with the other Patrician families for the coveted position of Doge and the leadership of the Republic
Paradox Interactive has released a video developer diary and ten fresh screenshots from The Republic, a new Crusader Kings II expansion set to launch in Q1 2013 on all major digital download portals for $9.99 USD. Players will experience a whole new style of game based on playing as the head of a Patrician family of in one of the great Merchant Republics. You will take control of the seas to expand and defend your trading empire, survive feuds with rival families and and plot to seize their Trade Posts.
Crusader Kings II: The Republic introduces a silk route's wealth of new features, including lobbying to become Doge, where investing money in the campaign coffers will make up for lack of family ties and prestige.