Zombie Driver HD PS3 Version Released in North America and Screens

Insane mix of cars, speed, explosions, blood and zombies
The PS3 version of Zombie Driver HD is now available via PlayStation Network in North America, EXOR Studios announced. The original game had 17 missions - the HD version has 31 missions with much more gameplay variety. In the HD version, there are multiple different objectives like defending against waves of zombies, epic boss fights, spraying anti zombie repellent, driving special vehicles like the military truck, the tank or the bulldozer as well as bombing missions. The city is a lot more alive in this version because there are moving military vehicles, soldiers fighting with zombies or birds feeding on corpses.
New enemies have been introduced in the form of zombie spawning infected buses, cargo containers or huge mutated mounds of flesh. The game is a lot more focused on using weapons against zombies which improves the pacing. There is a new Mission Select option that allows to play any mission with any already unlocked car, weapon or upgrade. The minimap is also one of the additions that were made to the HD version along with a large city overview map accessible at any time.
Six fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.