Elite: Dangerous Teaser Trailer

High-end, multiplayer sequel to the classic open-world space trading / combat games
David Braben's Frontier Developments has launched a teaser video for Elite: Dangerous, the next game in the Elite series scheduled to be available in March 2014 for PC. In Elite: Dangerous, you will begin with a spacecraft and a small sum of Credits. You will be able to trade, pirate, bounty-hunt, explore, and salvage your way to wealth and fame, building on those key elements of the previous games, and with sumptuous graphics only now possible with the performance of today's machines.
David Braben co-authored Elite, which was one of the most successful games of the 1980s, being the first 'open world' game, the first true 3D game which also set many other benchmarks. It made extensive use of procedural generation of content to fit eight galaxies each with 256 star systems and associated planets, economies. legal systems and so on into 22k bytes, less than the size of a typical email today.