Kings and Legends Open Beta Begins

The cards are on the table - is your hand a winner?
Just A Game has announced the start of the open beta test for Kings and Legends, a card-based browser free-to-play in which you can challenge opponents in action-packed PvP battles, one-on-one or with carefully chosen teammates. Or you can follow the PvE battle scenarios to improve and hone your skills, customize and evolve your deck to get the ultimate cards, experience the Battle System and much more.
Throughout the open beta and beyond, players will be able to participate in weekly 1 versus 1 and 2 versus 2 leaderboards with valuable gold prizes for high rankings each week to continually develop and expand their character and their card decks. Additionally, there will be special 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments with the top 100 players in each category winning great prizes on the new open beta server, including rare and powerful cards.