Adam Syndrome Pre-Production Phase Completed and Tech Demo

After years of hard work, the small studio from Tel Aviv has finally completed the extensive story and design of the game
Independent game development studio Dark Motif has announced the completion of the pre-production phase of Adam Syndrome, an adventure game developed for PC. For this occasion, Dark Motif has released to the public a previously-unreleased video of one of its older internal tech demos. It is a one-scene technology demo created with the Wintermute Engine and designed for the demonstration of the technological and artistic capabilities of the studio and the game engine.
Adam Syndrome is an original adventure game based on a dark mystery of novel-like size and depth. As the plot unfolds, the player will take control of Professor Adam Reed on his quest for answers following a strange chain of occurrences that ends with the sudden and mysterious death of his wife. During the course of the game, the player will guide Adam through more than fifteen unique locations all over the world; locations that include ancient lost cities, futuristic laboratories, underwater complexes, gloomy old cemeteries, and many other fascinating places, as the character is plunged into an intricate web of conspiracy and secrets dating back to the very beginnings of mankind.