Fantasy Kommander - Eukarion Wars Website Launched

Upcoming strategy-RPG game found a new home
The official website of Fantasy Kommander - Eukarion Wars is now live serving the latest info about this turn-based strategy game set in the adventurous continent of the Sacred Seven Pillars. The game will give players a chance to control a vast army to tackle adventures, battles, military campaigns and missions, single player and multiplayer, in the world of Eukarion. The world will be very large and will evolve over time - new levels, missions and gameplay elements will be added periodically after the release of the game.
The gameplay is based on a traditional hex map, with a wide variety of terrains and units available.Most of your interactions with the game will be through the mouse. You will select, move, fight, and analyze units on the Battlefield or in the HeadQuarters (HQ) using a simple point-and-click system.