Genix Xbox 360 Version Available and Screens/Trailer

Ideal for those who have nostalgia for games like Space Invaders and Galaga
Released for Windows in December 2012 through Desura, IndieCity and IndieVania, Genix is available now for Xbox 360, Xpod Games announced. The year is 2042 and an cloaked alien army has invaded earth. Unable to defend themselves from this scourge, the government fly in Earth's best scientific experts to develop a new kind of sonar that could help win this war. You will take command of Genix, a top secret mobile attack vessel that can see the world in vectors. You will navigate through more than 30 challenging puzzles, using your compliment of 8 different weapons to defend yourself, and rid the earth of the aliens.
Three screenshots and a gameplay movie have been inserted in our download area.