Petri Heil New Trial

A new full trial with 30 free executions of Petri Heil, a fishing simulator by Stugroup is now available for download. Local Download:
  • Petri Heil New Trial (6.2 MB)
  • Petri Heil - OnLine is a game-competition for true fishing fans. Interesting, Fascinating Fishing Simulator Game There is an enormous choice of fish in each game, every fish is unique with his own special behaviour - making fishing more challenging. In the game, you have the ability to improve your fishing equipment, when you catch fish & get more points - fishing rod, bob etc.. This is a specially developed office game. It can be played in full-screen or window mode enabling you to get on with your work, while you continue to play. Also you can minimize game into system tray which will give you a warning when a fish bites (no the fish won't get away). The game has an excellent playing design. The beautiful behaviour of water will keep you fully absorbed, as if you are actually sitting next to a lake. It consists of 9 locations with amazing graphics and music. It is not necessary to collect all your own belongings to go fishing. You just need to start playing this game - and you will be addicted. You will soon discover that the price for playing is very small - and well worth the investment. Enjoy New Version of intriguing and exciting fishing simulator with game results available on Internet at You may participate in international fishing competition without leaving your office desk or favorite armchair at home. Using 27 locations you will see the nature of different continents