Droid Assault Released on Steam

Infiltrate the malfunctioning Omnicorp facility, use your trusty transfer beam to build a squad of droids, and blow everything else up
Puppy Games today announced the Steam launch of Droid Assault, a modern-retro arcade shooter game which is aiming to capture the raw feel of 8-bit games such as Paradroid and Quazatron, with a slick shiny sheen of modern graphics and sound. Players control a droid infiltrating the Omni-Corp warehouses, in which all of the battle droids have accidentally been switched on and are running amok. Destroying droids earns transfer points, which in turn enables the player to capture more droids using a transfer beam, or capture fixed gun turrets and turn them to his or her own advantage. Eventually the player builds up a small army to assist in clearing out the factory warehouses. The droids you capture run off and start destroying enemies for you. Along the way, droids can be modified with a whole plethora of upgrades and powerups.
The new and improved Droid Assault now comes with crispy HD graphics, atmospheric line-of-sight effect, wibbly wobbly shader effects and, most importantly, pot plants.