Iceberg Interactive Signs Starpoint Gemini 2 and Screens

The sequel to Starpoint Gemini coming later this year
Videogames publisher Iceberg Interactive today announced that it has signed a publishing agreement with Croatian game developer Little Green Men for Starpoint Gemini 2, an open-world 3D space simulation set in the sci-fi setting of Gemini, a star system deeply divided by conflict and plagued by events that are yet to unfold. The bar is set higher this time as the game's most prominent features are streaming universe without load points and tactical combat with direct controls in full 3D.
Iceberg Interactive is aiming to release Starpoint Gemini 2, including in several localized versions (a.o. German), at the end of Q3-2013; both as a boxed retail edition and on worldwide digital platforms. Five screenshots made their way in our gallery.