Might & Magic Heroes VI Shades of Darkness Available for Pre-Order and Screens/Trailer

A new portal opens its doors to the whole Might & Magic universe
Ubisoft today announced that those who pre-order Shades of Darkness, a Might & Magic Heroes VI standalone expansion, will receive the Master of all Darkness pack which contains an exclusive hero and his weapon as well as three dynasty weapons. Starring the cult hero Raelag, this fully fledged standalone game will feature a new faction, Dungeon, led by the Dark Elves. Through two brand new campaigns, players will live a historical moment with this clan of rebel Elves who, after forging an alliance with the mighty Black Dragons, stepped into darkness and became the Dark Elves.
Players can also enjoy the full experience with Might & Magic Heroes VI Complete Edition, which includes the enhanced game, all bonus maps & items, adventure packs, the original soundtrack of the game and the Shades of Darkness expansion. Two screenshots and a video have been added in our download area.