Scribblenauts Unlimited European Release Date

The award-winning series returns with Maxwell’s biggest adventure ever in Scribblenauts Unlimited
Scribblenauts Unlimited, a new game expanding upon the video game franchise that challenges players to imagine anything and bring it to life in the game, will arrive in Europe on February 8th, for Wii U, 3DS and 3DS XL, Nintendo announced.
Where previous games in the series featured a linear level progression mechanic, Scribblenauts Unlimited offers a completely open universe that is split into eight worlds and 41 levels all with their own objectives to explore. You might have to visit the big city to help the police catch a thief or travel to a tropical island to help a shipwrecked couple - how you help them is only limited by your imagination, and as long as they end up happy, you get one of the coveted Starites. With the new Merit Board, each world comes with a comprehensive list of hints including the new 'Starite Vision' helper highlighting all nearby Starites and Starite Shards.
Scribblenauts Unlimited was launched in North America on November 13th, 2012.