Aion 3.5 Update Launched in Europe and Screens/Trailer

Patch 3.5 brings new arenas, instances, mounts and more
Gameforge announced that the latest update to Aion has been launched in Europe, adding two new challenging instances and allowing players to battle against mighty dragon ruler Tiamat, in which, with a bit of luck, the new weapon set from the "Myth" category, can be looted. Furthermore, the update includes a couple of new PvP arenas and integrates four new mounts, new housing designs and special missions, which Daevas can accept at their village's bulletin board to develop it further and unlock new NPCs.
In addition, legions can expect numerous new quests and a maximum level increase onto level 8. In addition they can receive special legion outfits as well as a unique mount. Three fresh screenshots and a new video have been inserted in our download area.

Aion on PC
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