Dungeonland Delayed and Video Dev Diary

Dungeonland is trying to redefine the idea of having "fun" in a fantasy theme park as it attempts to entrap your heroes and let them line up for their demise
Previously scheduled for January 22nd, Dungeonland, a cooperative/single player hack & slash action game developed by Critical Studio, will be available on January 29th, Paradox Interactive announced. In Dungeonland, players take control of a group of adventurers in their visit to a crazy and dangerous medieval theme park. Playing as the Rogue, the Warrior, or the Mage, heroes will adventure in a classic co-op dungeon crawl, with a sinister twist: three players can play as the daring heroes, while a fourth takes on the role of Dungeonland's Game Master, using a pool of traps and monsters to annihilate their unwelcome guests.
A new video developer diary is now locally mirrored, giving an overview of the different items and perks available in the game.