Murim Wars Launched for iOS and Android

Fight your way up to become the strongest guild or nation in Europe
Murim Wars, a massively multiplayer online game developed by Korean studio 4Plat Inc., has been launched in Europe for Android and iPhone devices, eFusion GmbH announced. Murim Wars is part of a series of games with full network support on mobile platforms, that eFusion GmbH will publish in the near future.
In the game you can upgrade your Hero and cooperate with other players worldwide to create your own guilds or join existing to strength their position in battlefield. It is up on each player if he wants to join England, Germany or other nation's forces to help them in global battle or assemble own faction. The clan mode features especially a chat and message board to communicate with other members and a unique battle system, in which you can either attack rivals, or defend your own group from other clans.