RaceRoom Racing Experience Open Beta Unveiled and Screens/Trailer

The studio is also revealing some of the price points for cars, tracks, and game modes to be sold through the store
SimBin and RaceRoom Entertainment AG today announced an upcoming open beta test for RaceRoom Racing Experience, a Free 2 Race concept that combines traditional game play with a brand new community portal, all connected and seamlessly built into one platform. For registered users, the game offers five free cars and two free tracks available in six layouts - additional cars, tracks, and game modes will be available for purchase in the store.
RaceRoom Racing Experience uses a virtual currency called vRP (Virtual Race Points) which is tied to the Steam Wallet technology. vRP is then used to complete microtransactions which instantly unlock desired game content or features. Individual car model prices range from 199 vRP to 329 vRP which is approximately 2 - 3,5 EUR. Tracks will generally be running from 349 vRP to 549 vRP or about 3,5 - 5,5 EUR. Tracks and cars will also be available from time to time in bundles. New game modes such as the Get Real package and Apex Hunt will be available for 99 vRP equaling 1 EUR.
Five fresh screenshots and a new video have been added in our download section.