League of Legends Tresh Champion Spotlight Trailer

Become a fearsome reaper and wreak havoc as the newest support champion in the League
Riot Games has released a new Champion Spotlight video for League of Legends, an online multiplayer session-based game in which rival teams compete against one another for victory on highly stylized battlefields and landscapes. The video shows you how Thresh, the Chain Warden supports your team with a powerful collection of crowd control abilities, displacement effects and harassing attacks.
As a tanky support, Thresh is a supportive champion who holds exceptional crowd control abilities and other very unique abilities for his allies. In the right hands, and with the right team around him - as communication is key, Thresh can become a very valuable asset to have around. The ability to lock a single target down until their demise or disrupt an entire team are both within this champion's awe inspiring skillset.
Dark Passage is one of this support champion's signature moves. He will throw his lantern out to a location on the battlefield and if a teammate clicks on the lantern, Thresh will pull them directly to him, furthermore, all allies in the range of the lantern will gain a shield. Dark Passage alone can make Thresh an incredibly useful ally in the heat of battle.