Battle Academy: Operation Husky Announced and Screens

A brand new expansion for the popular turn-based strategy
Slitherine and Matrix Games have announced Battle Academy: Operation Husky, a new Battle Academy expansion that covers the Allied invasion of Sicily, codenamed Operation Husky, which began on the night of 910 July 1943, and ended 17 August, adding extra Axis and Allies units and a brand new Sicilian terrain set. With Battle Academy: Operation Husky players will be able to open the attack on the soft underbelly of Europe through nine missions detailing the invasion of Sicily. With more than 30 new units, and missions ranging from the chaos of the initial night drops to the grim battles across the baking hills of the interior, Battle Academy: Operation Husky lets you test your tactical skill against the tenacious Axis defenders.
Operation Husky is an add-on for Battle Academy and requires Battle Academy to play. Five screenshots found their way in our gallery.