Out of Hell 24 January 2013

They didn't get to make their own news
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1.Sony Computer Entertainment announced that the PlayStationŽMobile Developer Program, which includes the official version of PlayStation Mobile SDK, has been launched in Hong Kong and Taiwan. This program enables developers to distribute easily their content through PlayStation Store globally on a commercial basis and market their games to millions of dedicated gamers with PlayStation Certified devices and PlayStation Vita. The license agreement fee is 800HK$ for Hong Kong and 3000NT$ for Taiwan.

2. Reality Squared Games and Mechanist Games have signed a deal to release the English version of City of Steam, a browser-based industrial age fantasy 3D MMORPG powered by Unity 3D engine. Already years in development, the game is projected for a Beta release later this year.

3. GREE has announced that NFL Shuffle, a new NFL team management game, is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. NFL Shuffle, the result of a new partnership between GREE, the National Football League and NFL Players Inc. (NFL PLAYERS), is a free-to-play card game that takes fans into the front office and gives them a chance to run their very own dream football franchise. Visit this page for details.

4. Undine, a new Battle for Graxia hero, will be added to the game at the end of the week. Word is: "Undine, the Fury of the Deep, has risen from the depths of Graxia's last ocean to unleash her might in the tournament arena. A powerful long range mage who excels at poking champions from a distance and demolishing targets with her high burst proficiency, Undine utilizes a combination of skill shots and area effect abilities to manipulate the flow of battle and crush her enemies." Click here to learn about her abilities.