Ace of Spades Classic Mode DLC Released for Free

the Classic Mode DLC seeks to evoke memories of the alpha build of Ace of Spades by incorporating many popular elements from the original version of the game
Jagex today announced that a new free DLC (downloadable content) for Ace of Spades is available now adding the Classic Mode, which offers a host of gameplay features, maps and experiences based on the classic version of the game. Styled in the theme of the two World Wars, the DLC offers players the chance to capitalise on the slower pace of gameplay to show off their tactical strategies.
Armed with a range of basic weapons, players will take on the Capture the Flag game mode reminiscent of the original Ace of Spades alpha and be able to choose from as a selection of new maps designed specifically with Classic Mode in mind, one of which has been designed by the Ace of Spades Community.