Evil Genius is Gold

Vivendi Universal Games also announced that Evil Genius has been approved for manufacturing and will ship on October 1st (thanks: Blues). In this upcoming strategy/simulation game developed by Elixir Studios (known for Republic The Revolution), you are "a malevolent mastermind bent on achieving global domination through the construction of the ultimate doomsday device". A demo is planned for August 30th.
Evil Genius(tm) Goes Gold! Gamers Worldwide Can Discover their Dark Side on October 1st Vivendi Universal Games announced today that the PC strategy/simulation game Evil Genius has gone gold and will ship to retail stores worldwide on October 1st. A trial version of the game will be released on the Internet on Monday, August 30th. More information about Evil Genius can be found at the official website: In Evil Genius gamers assume the role of a wicked mastermind bent on achieving global domination through the construction of the ultimate doomsday device. A tongue-in-cheek take on the 60's spy thriller genre, Evil Genius offers the chance to be the villain and control a secret island fortress complete with powerful (and strangely dressed) henchmen, mindlessly loyal minions and a wide range of hilarious gizmos. All the everyday tasks of the megalomaniac are available to experience as players build a secret base, train minions, gain infamy and notoriety by completing daring missions, toy with the forces of justice by setting clever traps, torture captives with ingenious devices, and develop evil super weapons to complete a nefarious master plan. About Vivendi Universal Games Headquartered in New York, Vivendi Universal Games (www.vugames.com) is a global leader in multi-platform interactive entertainment. A leading publisher of PC, console and online-based interactive content, Vivendi Universal Games' portfolio of development studios includes Black Label Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Coktel, Fox Interactive, Knowledge Adventure, NDA Productions, Sierra Entertainment and Universal Interactive. Through its Partner Publishing Group, Vivendi Universal Games also co-publishes and/or distributes interactive products for a number of strategic partners, including Crave Entertainment, Interplay, Majesco, Mythic Entertainment and Simon & Schuster, among others. About Elixir Studios Ltd Elixir Studios in Camden, London, specialises in working on original and innovative games. Over the last 6 years the company has assembled some of the finest development talent from around the world. Veterans of ground breaking titles such as Theme Park, the Sims, Black & White, Colin McRae, and Speedball 2 to name a few. The company also has an in-house R&D group, who specialise in creating proprietary world-class graphics and artificial intelligence technologies. The team is unique in its blend of outstanding academic achievement and industry experience. More details about the company can be found at .