Napoleon: Total War Mac Version Announced and Trailer

The game is the latest Mac installment of the Total War series to be launched by Feral Interactive
Napoleon: Total War - Gold Edition will be released on the Mac this Spring, Feral Interactive announced. Napoleon: Total War is a combination of real-time battle tactics and turn-based political strategy that immerses players in a meticulous re-creation of the Napoleonic Wars that wracked Europe in the early 19th century.
The Mac version of Napoleon: Total War - Gold Edition comprises the base game and all the game updates, improvements and downloadable content, including The Peninsula Campaign, which sees Napoleon battle for control of the Iberian Peninsula against the allied forces of Spain, the United Kingdom and Portugal. It also includes three unit packs, the Imperial Eagle Pack, the Coalition Battle Pack and the Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars Pack.
A trailer presenting this Mac edition is now locally mirrored.