UIG Entertainment Signs Dungeon Gate and Screens

Step forth to save the world of Barrilian in February 2013
Along with these screenshots, UIG Entertainment announced that Dungeon Gate, an open-ended RPG/adventure game developed for PC and Mac, will be available in the UK in February 2013. Set in the desolated and vast world of Barrilian, the once prosperous land has been destroyed and left in ruin by dragon hordes years previously. Now, Barrilian’s people remain enslaved by a vicious sorcerer, yielding his influence over the dragons to impose his absolute rule. The population are forced to work in the enchanted stone mines, extracting the very minerals that enhance their oppressor’s magical powers and increase his hold over them. Amid the despair steps forth a young nlikely hero named Dysan whose destiny may change everything.
Dungeon Gate includes 7 big dungeons with traps, puzzles and challenging fights, more than 60 foes to drain and play with, detailed and upgradable skill tree for each characters, a storyline with multiple paths and endings, and more.