The Showdown Effect Beta Started and Pre-Order Offer

Chances to draw first blood with lethal weapons provided with pre-orders, live stream broadcasts today
Paradox Interactive today announced that those who pre-order The Showdown Effect, an action-packed 2.5D multiplayer combat title developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, will receive instant access to the Beta test, which started today. Players who pre-order The Showdown Effect will also receive bonus toys, including a new weapon skin, allowing them to wield the deadly Fusion Saber of Light. For those with the guts to pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition, those bonuses will also include two more weapon skins, two bonus outfits including a Magicka robe, and even a free copy of Magicka - suitable for playing, or for gifting an unsuspecting foe right in the face.
If you don't pre-order the game but you want to play the beta version, you can visit this page and fill the beta application.