EVE Fanfest 2013 Trailer

EVE Fanfest aims to be the greatest in-person celebration in all of gaming history
CCP Games today released a trailer for EVE Fanfest 2013, which will be helded this year in Reykjavik, Iceland at the Harpa Concert Hall nestled in the scenic bay just steps from downtown. More than a thousand EVE Online and DUST 514 fans are expected to come from all corners of the globe to celebrate their love for these two games.
From April 25-27, developers will celebrate EVE Online’s 10th Anniversary and the joining of the PlayStation 3-exclusive MMOFPS DUST 514 to the EVE Universe in the largest ever Fanfest full of panels, excursions, roundtables, talks, a developer-led pub-crawl, a massive PvP tournament, the Icelandic symphony playing the EVE soundtrack, camaraderie, fun and the infamous Party at the Top of the World.