Forgotten Legions Trailer

Real-time, side-scrolling strategy coming to DSi
Cypronia has released a Forgotten Legions video showcasing its new DSiWare game due to be available exclusively via DSi Shop and 3DS eShop. Forgotten Legions is a strategy game within a fantasy setting, with an extensive range of characters alongside significant story-telling elements in over 30 cut-scenes. Employing a real-time side-scrolling RPG style, gamers will have a choice of two sides, 18 units and 30 campaign missions, while Endless mode will challenge gamer's abilities further and invite high-scorers to record their achievements on a web-based leaderboard.
The main goal of the game is to stop enemy units reaching the right side of the touch screen, until time has run out; you can see the remaining time on the progress bar placed in the top area of the top screen. To do this, you can summon a variety of 9 units depicted in the top screen. Summoning units is delayed by a cool-down period after each use, which can be sped up by destroying enemy units.