Navy Moves Enters Open Beta and Screens

Navy Moves - a completely new concept in online game has announced the start of the open beta test for Navy Moves, a unique way of enjoying online gaming, casting players as the stars of a complete action movie split into episodes. Each episode is played on a retro-style arcade machine polished with today's 3D graphics. Players are challenged to get the highest score on each of the episodes in an exciting global competition.
You can drive a 4WD vehicle at maximum speed while in a missile battle war helicopters, dodging falling rocks, dive among sharks and survive their attacks, pilot a Harrier fighter in dogfights versus enemy planes, enter in the enemy base and fight cyborgs while unveiling the bad guy's plans.
Navy Moves is available in English, German, Turkish and Filipino, with more languages expected to launch as Chinese, Korean and Arabic during Q1 in 2013 - three fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.