Louisiana Adventure Released and Trailer

A stylish detective story set in the early 1900s
Anuman Interactive has announced that Louisiana Adventure, a PC adventure game originally developed by Infinion Production under the name Louisiana: Mystery Cases, is available now under the Microids label. The year is 1902 and you will find yourself in a New Orleans' suburb, investigating the most curious case from the Bureau of Special Investigation. In full real time 3D, the game Louisiana Adventure reproduces the specific atmosphere of the New-Orleans area, helped in this task by an immersive soundtrack. Every dialog is spoken in English and subtitled in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.
Lousiana Adventure offers players to solve mysteries, find, combine and use objects but also the choices in non linear dialogs. Suspects and witnesses will react differently according to the perception they have of your actions. Some will help you as much as they can, others will not move a finger to do so. You will then have to try new approaches.
The launch trailer is now locally mirrored.