MechWarrior Online Pretty Baby Added and Screens/Trailer

Pretty Baby is a must-have for your lance
Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games announced that a new Hero Mech, Pretty Baby, is available now in the MechWarrior Online store. Clocking in at 80 tons, it sports a 340 XL engine with a torso twist of 100 degrees on each side. Pretty Baby is a double threat on the battlefield with top speeds at 68 mph and 19 double heat sinks.
The latest update also includes pre-round screening, an in-game scoreboard, the long-awaited Death Screen and a new "end of round" screen. Most importantly, players can now chat about match tactics before a match begins, analyze performance and contribution to the match. Players are also welcome to check out the new Tiger Mech pattern and the launch of Phase 2 for Camo Specs which gives players a wealth of new options to customize their Mechs with unlockable colors and patterns. Also included in this patch are several key performance updates and bug fixes.
Three screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area.