Special Forces: Team X Released and Screens/Trailer

Team based shooter innovates the genre with tactical map system
Microprose today announced that Special Forces: Team X, a team based 3rd person tactical shooter developed by Zombie Studios, is available now for PC and Xbox 360. Throwing customization fully into players' hands, STX features a real time map selection system where the battlefield is divided into three zones, with the layout of each determined by the teams prior to the match. Over one hundred possible combinations give every match a unique look and feel, for a constant tactical challenge.
You can become an elite marksman and build the perfect load-out through customizable skillsets using distinct tactics and special abilities to defeat the deadliest enemies. Equipped with real-world weapons, take charge and head into battle with 5 multiplayer modes that include new gametypes like Hot Zone and High Value Target, each supporting 2, 3 or even 4 teams.
Four fresh screenshots and the launch video found their way in our download area.