Aliens: Colonial Marines Soundtrack Composed by Kevin Riepl and Trailer

Gears of War composer returns to Sci-Fi horror genre
Award-winning film and video game composer Kevin Riepl (Silent Night, ABCs of Death, The Aggression Scale, Gears of War, Resistance: Burning Skies) has created the symphonic score for Aliens: Colonial Marines, SEGA announced. Continuing the legacy of Jerry Goldsmith's music in Alien and James Horner's music in Aliens, Kevin Riepl's original score for the game features all new themes and atmospheric underscores while staying faithful to the franchise's iconic scores of Ridley Scott's and James Cameron's classic sci-fi horror cinema.
In related news, we have a video that takes viewers on a vertical ride through the USS Sulaco with US Colonial Marines fighting for their lives against an incoming wave of Xenomorphs.