American McGee's Grimm Released via SpicyWorld

23 episodes of classic dark fairytale now available for PC
Spicy Horse Games, makers of Alice: Madness Returns and Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, has announced that American McGee's Grimm, originally released via Gametap, is now available on SpicyWorld. In American McGee's Grimm, the player takes control of a dwarf named Grimm on a mission to turn the sweet fairy tales of today into the far-darker tales they were originally. Grimm spreads darkness wherever he goes using sophisticated moves like a butt-stomp, while the denizens of each fairy tale try to keep things as sickly saccharine as possible.
All 23 episodes are now available for purchase and play on PC for $1.30 per individual episode, $8 for Volumes of multiple episodes, or $20 for all 23 episodes.