Resident Evil 6 PC Gameplay Videos

View the exclusive mode of Resident Evil 6 for PC
Capcom has released a pair of gameplay movies from the PC version of Resident Evil 6 which will be available as a digital download in North America from Friday March 22, 2013, with European PC gamers able to purchase both the digital version and a disc based version from the same date. Both the digital and retail versions of Resident Evil 6 PC will contain all the content found in the original console release plus receive any additions contained in any free title updates such as Ada Wong’s campaign being accessible from the outset and the challenging No Hope difficulty mode.
Furthermore, the digital version will take full advantage of Steam functionality by supporting the following features: cloud saving, Steam achievements, friends support, game overlay, and leaderboards.
The PC version will also include a new and exclusive mode, The Mercenaries: No Mercy, that takes fan favorite The Mercenaries and ramps up the gameplay to 11. More enemies on screen than ever before will provide a greater challenge, but also the opportunity for players to use their skills to rack up even higher combo scores.