The Phoenix Project Unveiled and Trailer

A new home for the heroes, villains and vigilantes left homeless by NCSOFT's decision to close City of Heroes
After NCSOFT announced the closure of City of Heroes last year, a huge campaign was launched to save it. Despite massive publicity, the campaign was unsuccessful, and NCSOFT closed the game on November 30, 2012. While the Save COH campaign battled to keep the franchise open, another part of the group began work on what they called 'Plan Z', if the other plans to keep COH alive failed. The group formed their own studio, Missing Worlds Media, and started to develop The Phoenix Project in September 2012. The game will be set in Titan City, a world where magic, high technology, and incredible scientific feats are frequent occurrences. Where children are born with appearances and powers far different than their parents, and individuals with supreme strength of will and training can become forces of good or evil.
In a city where costumed heroes are welcomed and villains skulk in the shadows, an old guard stands watch on both sides, watching the furnace which heats the melting pot of humanity. They have issued a call to action, the Phoenix Initiative, welcoming new heroes to their ranks. Thanks to Missing Worlds Media, a new generation of heroes will be given the chance to reach for capes and cowls in the name of justice, freedom and courage, while new villains will once reach for masks and armour as they begin quests for power, control, riches and infamy.
The teaser video, launched on January 1st, 2013, is now locally mirrored.