Richard Burns Rally Goes Gold on PC

SCi Entertainment announced today that Richard Burns Rally is gold for PC and will be released in UK, Germany and France on September 3rd. "Richard Burns Rally breaths new life into the rally genre, presenting players with the most authentic driving experience seen on consoles to date. Blisteringly-fast edge-of-your-seat racing combined with accurately-modelled tracks and terrain present the player with a driving experience unlike any other. Richard Burns Rally is as challenging and demanding as it is exhilarating and enjoyable". Press 'read more' for details.
Richard Burns Rally Goes Gold On PC SCi Entertainment Group today announced that its anticipated PC version of rally sim, RICHARD BURNS RALLY, has today gone gold and will be released in UK, Germany and France on September 3rd, with other territories to follow shortly after. RICHARD BURNS RALLY is the first true rally simulation game, bringing the most realistic and exhilarating rally experience to all major gaming platforms. This true to life rallying requires tactics, intelligence and perseverance as well as speed, aggression and risk taking. Adding a new level of realism, RICHARD BURNS RALLY includes: Unparalleled engine simulation modelled on genuine automotive information and individual car specs Simulated car handling for a truly authentic feel Pace notes authored by Robert Reid Unique three dimensional track generation system, incorporating; potholes, rocks, puddles and ruts, with realistic depth and effects on the track and the cars Truly dynamic and random weather all effecting the track and the car Accurate car damage from engine fires and fuel leaks to brake loss and bodywork damage Interactive 'real-time' service park with component based repair system AI opponents with varying personalities and styles, resulting in different race results and crashes Realistic spectators, who cheer as you speed past, sometimes stray onto the track, but will also help roll your car back if you venture off-road Helicopter rescues from un-salvageable accidents About SCi Entertainment Group Plc: SCi Entertainment Group Plc is one of the UK's leading publishers of computer video games, with a unique strategy, a valuable portfolio of intellectual property and a track record of chart success with titles such as Carmageddon, Thunderbirds, The Italian Job, The Great Escape, Futurama and Conflict: Desert Storm I & II. SCi has recently acquired the rights to develop games based on Reservoir Dogs.