Diablo III v1.0.7 Patch Released

The experience bonus rewarded for killing monsters on Monster Power levels 1-10 in Inferno has been increased
Diablo III has been updated to v1.0.7 in North America, Europe and Asia, Blizzard announced. With the introduction of Brawling Mode, players will now be able to battle one another in a new zone designed specifically for this style of combat called "The Scorched Chapel." This zone can be accessed by speaking with Nek the Brawler in any of the four Act hubs, and supports 2 to 4 players in a Free-For-All format.
Also, Nephalem Valor stacks will now persist through Acts, base pick-up radius for all characters has been increased from 1.5 yards to 3 yards, and the resurrection timer will no longer increase if a player is killed multiple times in a row. Check full article for details.