Non Flying Soldiers Released and Screens/Trailer

Physics puzzler arrives for the PC
Immanitas Entertainment that announced that Non-Flying Soldiers, developed by Blue Shadow Games for PC, is available digitally for 9,99 EUR / 12,99 USD via GamersGate, McGame and Gamesload. Similar to the classic Lemmings, birds that are unable to fly hereby have to be directed over an obstacle course and safely carried to the goal via diving boards and detours. Electric saws, electrified fences or nasty ditches - just to name a very few - will assure that this won't
be an easy task.
Non Flying Soldiers includes 45 fast-paced and varied missions. To reach each missions goal and for saving the life of all these super cute birds players will be provided with various contraptions: barriers, springboards, safety nets, speed-ups and many more.
Four screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area.