Impire Released and Trailer

New action-strategy game released by Paradox Impteractive
Releasing a new video, Paradox Interactive today announced that Impire, a dungeon strategy game from Cyanide Studio Montreal, is available today on digital distribution channels for $19.99. Impire tells the sordid tale of BŠal-Abaddon, a once-mighty horror from the Bottomless Pit, who finds himself summoned by the incompetent sorcerer, Oscar van Fairweather, and trapped in the form of a laughable imp. Using their cunning and an array of devious tricks, players will help the demon lord break free, rebuild his proper hell-spawn body, and construct an impressive dungeon to form the seat of his new kingdom. Players will have to design, develop, and defend their demonic dungeon from would-be do-gooders in order to expand and triumph.
The game features user-designed dungeons filled with different room types and an assortment of deathtraps, a campaign to be played in solo or co-op mode, minions of every shape and size to be leveled up and equipped with upgraded equipment, and more.